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gear-for-life-logoGear for Life — For that look, feel and exception quality finish to all of our products Gear for Life has you covered. Our extensive range offers you storage and packing solutions that are not just unique in design and features, but also engineered with un-compromised durability.

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Headwear-logoHeadwear Professionals At the forefront of the headwear industry worldwide, Headwear Professionals has been and industry leader since 1974. With superior craftsmanship and a worldwide distribution network, we have no rival. Our network now stretches the globe and allows us to be out in front in both styling and fabrics.

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Legend-logoLegend At the forefront of fashion in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe, Legend have been been marketplace leaders since 1982. An ability to realise the potential of new and striking products has ensured Legend's number one position in this constantly evolving market.

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SPORTE-LEISURE-logoSporte Leisure Manufacturer of golf, corporate, tourist, sporting and promotional apparel, headwear and luggage. Innovation, technical improvements, consumer desirability and, above all else, quality are the core of the Sport Leisure brand.

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