The embroidery process

Embroidery gives your clothing a professional look. Our in-house embroidery service assures not only the highest quality uniform decoration, but also quick completion of your order.

From idea to image, from image to fabric, and direct to you, the customer… the Uniform Place has it covered.

up-embroidery-scanner-iconup_embroidery_1Scan your image from a pencil drawing or sketch

up_embroidery_2Or create it from your favourite applicationup-embroidery-create-artwork-icon


We transfer it to our embroidery machine and begin sewing


up-embroidery-quality-control-iconThe work is quality controlled, and once completed


up-embroidery-job-confirmation-iconYou can confirm the job and we're done!

Artwork Requirements

Our aim is to create a high quality, crisp reproduction of your artwork, so providing good quality artwork is essential.

Embroidered graphics are sewn with thread and, therefore, need to be simplified so they appear clearly when stitched.

Artwork may be supplied as vector based images (drawings) as opposed to raster based images (bitmaps/jpeg’s).

The best type of artwork to send us is an editable vector file (such as EPS, Corel Draw or PDF) with all text “converted to curves”.

High resolution raster files are also acceptable; such as High Resolution JPG, PSD, TIF and GIF. Please contact us for more information

Helpful tips to ensure that your artwork will embroider properly:

  • No small lettering or tiny detail (fonts should be at least 2.5mm high)
  • No photographic imagery or gradients (artwork should contain solid colours only)
  • The largest and clearest graphics will convert to embroidery the best (artwork should be uploaded at a resolution of at least 300 dpi)